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Planets Testbed (public beta) released

As posted to DIGITAL-PRESERVATION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK and elsewhere (02010 03 01),

The newly released Testbed (Public Beta) provides a scientifically sound environment for experiments on different methods in digital long-term preservation. Within Testbed v1.1 migration, emulation and other experiments may be executed in an intuitively comprehensible 6-step workflow on annotated data (Corpus) or own files.

We cordially invite you to join for usage!

For login information (or any question on the Testbed), please contact our Helpdesk:

To get more information on the Planets Testbed, have a look at

The Planets Testbed is a web application for experimenting on the performance and behaviour of tools and digital objects in digital preservation. It offers a controlled hardware & software environment and provides structured processes for the arrangement and evaluation of preservation experiments.

The Planets Project is funded under the IS&T FP6 Programme. To comment or ask a question about Planets, please e-mail us at:

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