National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


Hug an archivist: happy International Archives Day 02015

June 9, 02015 is International Archives Day. Here is the official blurb as posted on the mailing list ARCAN-L about the importance of International Archives Day and why you should hug an archivist today. I did not mean that literally, however, archivists and archives need our support as much as fire departments, police departments and libraries:

The International Council on Archives invites the world to celebrate International Archives Day on June 9!

All around the world, archivists will unite their voices on International Archives Day, June 9, to make the public understand why it is important to support archives and the profession. An excellent opportunity to discover or better know the archival profession, and to get in closer touch with a fascinating domain!

June 9 was launched in 2007 as International Archives Day because on the 9th of June 1948, the International Council on Archives (ICA) was created under the auspices of the UNESCO. This choice was adopted by the archives community as a whole around the world.

On this important universal awareness day, the President of the International Council on Archives, David Fricker reminds us to recognize the unique quality of archives as authentic evidence of administrative, cultural and intellectual activities and as a reflection of the evolution of societies. We also recognize the role of archivists in supporting the creation of records and making records available for use.

David Fricker says: "Archivists are the keepers of memory, bringing the past into the present.  Archivists make these primary sources available so that citizens can make their own sense of the past, to understand ourselves and to make informed decisions about the future" adding that "The Archivists true obligation is not to the past or even the present; archivists must always think of the future."

How to join the celebration of International Archives Day 2015

You will have the opportunity to celebrate this Day in your country, through activities and events organized by national or local archives institutions or professional associations.

In addition, archivists look forward to sharing their unique, extraordinary and rare treasures with you everywhere in the world. You will view these treasures at

The ICA also developed the Universal Declaration on Archives which is a powerful, succinct statement of the relevance of archives in modern society.  On June 9, register your support for archives by signing the ICA online register at

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