National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


United States National Archives launches OurArchives, follows revolutionary trend set by mother country England

In a bold move that follows the revolutionary trend of old mother country England, the United States National Archives officially launched on July 8, 02010, 234 years and four days after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, a public wiki for researchers called Our Archives. According to the About Our Archives page,

Users can contribute to the Our Archives wiki in numerous ways. You can:

* Create new pages and edit pre-existing pages about historical subjects and records held by the National Archives
* Expand upon a description in our online catalog
* Publish your transcription of a document
* Add information to build upon other resources
* Use it as a workbook to store useful information discovered during your archival research
* Collaborate with other users working on similar subjects or to work together on research projects

The wiki is hosted by Wikispaces (the paid, private label version).

The United Kingdom's YourArchives wiki, launched in April 2007, is at and is powered by MediaWiki, the software made famous by Wikipedia.

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