National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


iPRES2010 conference, September 02010, Vienna, Austria, Europe

From the call for participation announcement on DIGITAL-PRESERVATION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK (02010 06 28) about the 7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (IPRES 2010), September 19 to 24, 02010, Vienna, Austria, Europe:

The Austrian National Library, the Vienna University of Technology and Austrian Computer Society are pleased to invite you to the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES2010) in Vienna in September 2010. iPRES2010 will be the seventh in the series of annual international conferences that bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practices in preserving our digital heritage.

Digital Preservation and Curation is evolving from a niche activity to an established practice and research field that involves various disciplines and communities. iPRES2010 will re-emphasise that preserving our scientific and cultural digital heritage requires integration of activities and research across institutional and disciplinary boundaries to adequately address the challenges in digital preservation. iPRES2010 will further strengthen the link between digital preservation research and practitioners in memory institutions and scientific data centres.

The early registration deadline is July 31 02010.


Let's get visual with metadata standards

Jenn Riley, Indiana University, has a free, terrific PDF poster called Seeing Standards: A Visualization of the Metadata Universe, supplemented with a metadata standard glossary, also available as a free PDF in poster or brochure formats.

Go local (news) with OpenBlock

While this new open source software project, OpenBlock, is geared at the moment to news organizations and cities in the United States, here's hoping some Canadian news outlets will also pick up on this most promising innovation. OpenBlock code is based on, described as a civic news aggregator or hyper-local news.


NISO publishes special digital preservation issue of Information Standards Quarterly

There are some free articles for downloading in a special issue on digital preservation of the Information Standards Quarterly (vol. 22, no. 2, Spring 02010) published by NISO. If you're not a NISO member, you can still purchase the entire issue.

Source: Archives & Archivists mailing list, 02010 06 22