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National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


PREMIS in METS Toolkit released by Library of Congress and Florida Center for Library Automation

From the announcement on DIGLIB (2010 04 23):

The Library of Congress and the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) are pleased to announce the availability of the PREMIS-In-METS Toolbox at The PREMIS-in-METS Toolbox is a set of open-source tools developed to support the implementation of PREMIS preservation metadata in the METS container format.

The Toolbox includes three tools: Validate, Convert and Describe.

Validate will validate a PREMIS or a PREMIS-in-METS document and return a list or errors or a conformation message. PREMIS documents are validated against the PREMIS schema. METS documents containing PREMIS are validated against the METS schema, the PREMIS schema, and the best practice Guidelines for Using PREMIS with METS (

Convert will convert between stand-alone PREMIS and PREMIS embedded in METS. A PREMIS document will generate a METS document containing the PREMIS elements in multiple or single METS metadata sections. A METS document containing PREMIS elements in it will generate a stand-alone PREMIS document.

Describe will output a complete PREMIS description of a file, including extensions for format-specific metadata. Describe uses the DAITSS 2 Format Description Service, which in turn uses DROID for format identification and JHOVE for format characterization. The resulting PREMIS document can then be run through Convert to turn it into PREMIS in METS if desired. Types of file formats that are covered are text, image, audio, video and software.

All three tools support various modes of input: a source document or file can be addressed by URL or uploaded. PREMIS and METS documents can also be typed or copied directly into Validate and Convert.

The PREMIS-in-METS Toolkit was developed by FCLA under contract to the Library of Congress. The Toolkit code will be released under an open source license in SourceForge.

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