National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


British Library LIFE3 digital preservation costs survey needs you

From the announcement on DIGITAL-PRESERVATION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK (02010 04 30):

As part of the LIFE3 project (, we are collecting data on digital preservation storage costs. LIFE3 is developing a predictive costing tool that will significantly improve the ability of organisations to plan and manage the preservation of digital content. The data collected in this survey will help us to improve the accuracy and flexibility of the storage section of the model.

We would greatly appreciate it if you or your operational managers could fill out and return the survey, which can be downloaded from the following location:

If possible we would like to have the responses back by May 21st, and as mentioned on the form, incomplete responses are better than none at all as all data received will be of use.

All responses to this survey will be kept confidential and any data used in the LIFE Model will be anonymised.

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