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Roundup of real-time search engines

In my latest submission on January 15, 2010 to Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals I briefly looked at work Google is doing with real-time search. Since the whole article was about a number of new (most within the past two years) Google services and products that focused on the end user, I thought I'd expand the real-time search topic by simply listing many of the other choices you have. Most of these search engines either routinely track Twitter tweets (feeds) or are solely devoted to tweaking the tweets in different ways.

  • Aardvark is a Q&A social search engine, ask questions and people answer, simple and profound, maybe. Not quite real-time, but even bigger news for Aardvark was its acquisition by Google on February 02010 as part of Google's stronger engagement with the social networking world.

  • Bing (Microsoft) has a special Twitter page

  • launched on February 16, 0210, a week after Google Buzz launched, and billed itself as the world's first search engine for Buzz. It also searches a number of other real-time sources, including Twitter.

  • Collecta, which also has a MySpace Site Search. A mobile-specific version of Collecta was launched in early March 02010

  • CrowdEye lets you follow people, what's next, StalkerEye

  • itpints, funny name, real-time results

  • jahoot, "search the socialsphere in realtime"

  • Kosmix has a Yahoo! style presentation of real-time search results and you do your own searches

  • OneRiot is the search engine and the company's name and the company is partnering with Yahoo! to bring real-time search to that site

  • Scoopler, another contender for the most realist of real-time search

  • Sency sounds sensible doesn't it

  • socialmention, "real-time social media search and analysis"

  • TipTop is another Twitter-based search engine

  • Topsy, "a search engine powered by tweets", that is, Twitter feeds

  • Twazup is another Twitter search engine

  • Tweetmeme is all about the hottest tweets and links on Twitter

  • Twittorati is "where the blogosphere and twittersphere meet"

  • Twingly includes a Microblog Search a la Twitter and any others that dare to model themselves on that service

  • Twitter Search is Twitter's own search engine of its users feeds

  •, "The World's First Privacy Safe, Real-Time Search Engine TM"

For a great roundup of real-time search sites and what it means, as of July 02009, see Danny Sullivan's lengthy article "What Is Real Time Search? Definitions & Players" on SearchEngineLand.

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  1. Perhaps you unwittingly left out TipTop which is rapidly becoming the favorite search engine for many people.