National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


Library and Archives Canada adds digitized microform content

The Library and Archives Canada has started adding digitized microform content (numérisation de microforme) to its Web site. The only way to access the digitized microform is by title. The online experience replicates what you would experience viewing the film in person on microform equipment. Microform refers to microfiche (plastic sheets) or microfilm (plastic rolls on a spool or reel). If you've used their digitized "Black" and "Red" Series of RG-10, Indian Affairs records, or the digitized Canadian census records then you've already experienced the use of digitized microfilm. Curiously, as of November 26, 02009, the day of this post, they only have two sets of records listed and have not included the census records or the digitized RG-10 records.

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