National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


Archivematica, the open archival information system for digital preservation

Update for 02009 11 17:

I easily downloaded and installed the Sun Virtual Box that's required to run Archivematica. Getting the zipped Archivematica file proved to be more challenging as it took three tries before I was able to successfully download the file. The instructions on the Archivematica site are clear and precise. Installation went smoothly and I was able to run the "virtual appliance" that is Archivematica. It's kind of cool to have Ubuntu Linux running virtually within Windows. I'll be following this project as it will likely be an extremely important tool in years to come. My congratulations to the developers for all they've accomplished to date and in such a short time frame.

Archivematica, the open archival information system for digital preservation, is another innovative software application from Artefactual Systems, the creators of the Qubit Toolkit, ICA-AtoM and the Digital Collection Builder.

According to the front page of the Archivematica site,

"The objective of this project is to integrate a number of open source tools and applications to create a comprehensive digital archives system that is compliant with the ISO-OAIS standard and other digital preservation standards and best practices. ... This project is managed by Artefactual Systems in collaboration with the City of Vancouver Archives, UNESCO Memory of the World Subcommittee on Technology and a number of other client partners.

This project is in early stages of development. We expect to begin making more public announcements about the project technology and methodology by mid 2010."

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