National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


Ten Thousand Year Blog Is Here

Due to a combination of what appears to be incompetence and a deliberate act of sabotage by a staff member at (Very Poor Service), they wiped out my sites, along with those of other customers, with no chance of restoration and can't even offer those affected space to rebuild. It's the latter issue that has upset me more than having to rebuild everything. So I'm now using as the new home for my Ten Thousand Year Blog. I will be importing the existing site's contents as best I can over the next few weeks following a writing assignment for the Vancouver Sun newspaper. Importing means having to resurrect the site on my local PC and creating a WordPress export file. Since the import function in doesn't appear to work as advertised -- I had a file well under the 15MB size limit -- I think I will simply close off the old Ten Thousand Year Blog and start fresh here. If you see posts and comments disappearing from time to time, that is why. 

Here is Google's cached version of the last iteration of The Ten Thousand Year Blog (June 2003-October 2008).

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