National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station

National Archives sign at Kew Gardens Station


AC+erm Project looking for your help with its literature review

Update for 02010 02 18:

The AC+erm Project is looking for your help to "mass peer-review" a subset of its literature review on electronic records management. According to the posting on several mailing lists on 02010 02 18,

If you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise, you can do so by downloading a Word document from our website, completing the response fields, and returning it by email to The document contains the full list of 104 articles along with brief descriptions of the cases and can be found at

Original post, 02009 11 18:

Here is some news about the AC+erm Project (Accelerating Positive Change in Electronic records Management) as posted to the ARCAN-L mailing list (02009 11 18):
1. Third AC+erm Colloquium

This event was held on 24 September [02009] in Edinburgh, and focused on the Systems and Technology facet of ERM.

The outputs from the colloquium consist of versions of the initial documents presented to the delegates, adapted to include their collated notes and responses together with notes taken by the project team. During the workshop, delegates also developed their ideas graphically using tools developed in the course of the project; the outputs include images of these items.

The slides accompanying the project team's presentations are also provided.

2. List of resources relevant to electronic recordkeeping and management

We have overhauled our annotated compilation of websites and documents relating to various aspects of electronic recordkeeping.

The list includes official, professional and commercial institutions and organisations; publishers of journals and books in our disciplines, and various individual items such as articles, reports and similar documentary materials. We have checked existing links and repaired them where necessary. The updated version also includes prominent individual blogs.

The online resources from the list have been added to the AC+erm custom Google search engine, which is intended to improve the relevance of search results by focusing only on records-related websites.

Quick links to the online sources are now available through a set of Sqworl groups - links are grouped according to the same categories as used in the main list.

For more details, visit the web pages given above or visit the Project blog at

The AC+erm Project is also on Twitter at

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